Unity Technologies announced today that it has made it easier than ever for game developers to make money, run analytics, and get their games discovered thanks to free services that come with its widely used game development engine.

Beyond enabling game companies to make games more easily, Unity is also making it more convenient them to add advertisements and monetize games. It is making it easy for the companies to generate revenue from the ads and receive data. Developers can add Unity Ads simply by clicking a button within the Unity 5 development tool and adding two lines of code. They can do the same for analytics, which is free.

“It’s a complete seamless integration that makes analytics simpler than ever,” said John Cheng, general manager for analytics at Unity. “It’s so seamless now [that’s] there is no reason not to do it.”

Cheng demonstrated the new services at the Unite 2015 event today in Boston.

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Bandai Namco Entertainment used Unity Analytics for Pac-Man 256, which has had more than 10 million users. Big games shipping on Unity include Lara Croft Go, which was made by a small team at Square Enix’s studio in Montreal. It was published across multiple platforms using Unity.

Unity also makes heat maps that shows game developers where players are spending their time in a game. The Unity Heat Map features is available for free as part of the Unity game engine.

Unity analytics general manager John Cheng.

Above: Unity analytics general manager John Cheng.

Image Credit: Unity