Update 1.29 to Grand Theft Auto Online not only brought some significant changes to GTA V but also has sparked a sales bonanza. The Freemode Events update gets you a ton of new challenge and game modes to play plus there’s no more loading screens or game menus. If that sounds like a good reason to bite the bullet and buy Grand Theft Auto V there’s also no more full price on PC. GMG launched their Rockstar Games Sale with some impressive discounts.

All Rockstar titles at GMG are up to 83% off instantly plus there’s a 20% off coupon which you can stack for additional savings. The most relevant deal to the freemode update is a 20% instant discount on GTA V to $47.99 which meets that aforementioned coupon and makes a final price of $38.40. GTA V on PC rarely ever drops below $48 and normally sells for $59.99 (on the PC anyways) so it’s a solid bargain. The other Rockstar games in the sale are making prices better than we’ve seen at the recent Steam Summer sale.

At checkout use code: 20PERC-AUTUMN-SAVING

Grand Theft Auto V — $38.40 (list $60)
Rockstar Bundle (Steam) — $16.31 (list $120)
Max Payne Complete (Steam) — $8.80 (list $55)
Grand Theft Auto Complete Package (Steam) — $8 (list $50)
Max Payne 3 Complete (Steam) — $5.60 (list $35)
L.A. Noire Complete Edition (Steam) — $4.80 (list $30)
Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition (Steam) — $4.80 (list $30)
Grand Theft Auto Trilogy (Steam) — $4.80 (list $30)
Max Payne 3 (Steam) — $4 (list $20)
L.A. Noire: (Steam) — $4 (list $20)
Max Payne 3 Rockstar Pass (Steam) — $3 (list $15)
Bully: Scholarship Edition (Steam) — $3 (list $15)
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Steam) — $3 (list $15)
Max Payne 2 (Steam) — $2 (list $10)
Grand Theft Auto III (Steam) — $2 (list $10)
Max Payne (Steam) — $2 (list $10)
Midnight Club 2 (Steam) — $2 (list $10)
Manhunt (Steam) — $2 (list $10)

The sale at GMG runs through Friday, September 25th at 9am Pacific. The 20% off coupon has a slightly longer date and will run through Monday, September 28th at 9am Pacific. The coupon code is not exclusive to these Rockstar titles and works on virtually all games sold at GMG.

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