Update 9/24: Preorder deal on After Dark is now expired but there are now a number of retailers with release week deal. All listed below.

Colossal Order’s cult hit Cities: Skylines will receive its first expansion later this week Thursday, aptly titled After Dark for its, well, after dark gameplay. The expansion will breathe dynamic nightlife into your city, and fans of the series should note you can grab a 20% off pre-order deal as long as you buy before release.

Over at Funstock Digital, you can grab the game to the tune of $11.34 as there’s already a small instant discount given the currency conversion from GBP to USD. Tack on their sitewide 20% code and you’ve got yourself a solid deal.  A similar offer on After Dark is also available at GMG for a little bit by using a straight up discount code during checkout.

The new expansion will bring about a number of changes, including a handful of expanded city services, leisure and tourism specialization, plus new transportation options in the day/night cycle. The deal for After Dark at Funstock Digital will expire later this Thursday (release day), given the coupon is for pre-order titles only.

For those interested, the developers at Colossal Order also did a Q&A session over at Reddit earlier today in regards to Cities: Skylines and After Dark.