Samsung is expanding its support for virtual reality.

Gear VR launches as a consumer product this November for $99, we learned today from the Oculus Connect event in Los Angeles. It supports all of Samsung’s 2015 smartphones, and the company worked with Oculus to make sleeker and slimmer. This makes the device the first consumer VR product to go on sale.

It works with the Samsung Note 5, Galaxy S6, and other phones that Samsung has released since the beginning of the year.

This ensures that people can get a taste of VR content without having to buy a high-end PC. But it also doesn’t include some of the important functionality — like positional tracking of your body — that you’ll get in the Oculus Rift proper.

Oculus Arcade

Oculus confirmed it’ll have a ton of content available when it launches. This includes a virtual 1980s-style arcade along with Twitch and Netflix apps.