Robin Joy’s favorite route to mobile user acquisition is every publisher’s goal: Getting featured in the app stores. It doesn’t cost anything and it drives a large amount of installs. Still, not something you can count on — which is why VB’s diving into the complex world of mobile user acquisition in this not-to-be-missed webinar.

Joy is VP of Web & Mobile Business for DocuSign, the hugely successful electronic signature and document management solution that serves businesses both large and small — ranging from individual professionals such as real estate and insurance agents all the way up to large enterprises like HP and LinkedIn.

Their native app is essential to the customer user experience: Sending documents out for signature — or receiving them — has to happen wherever a customer is, on whatever device they choose. The DocuSign app has also become a significant channel to acquire new users, which brings us back to the app stores.

“First and foremost, we’re making sure that our relationships with those partners are strong,” says Joy. “By nurturing those partnerships, by optimizing everything we provide in terms of screenshots, videos, updates, and more — we know we will get featured sometimes as well. It drives a very significant volume and pretty decent traffic of people who are engaged and sign up for an account.”

While cost-effective, getting featured in the app store is out of any publisher’s control, which is why Joy’s mobile UA strategy incorporates a mix of paid search, display ads, and in-app advertising in other mobile apps. It’s a precision mix, and for Joy, that means continually optimizing for high-quality users.

“It’s about engagement,” says Joy. “The first step of the engagement is downloading the app, the next step is creating an account, and the ultimate step is then using it — making sure they’re transacting and using DocuSign, and sending things out for signature.” For her investment in mobile ad networks, it’s all about measuring which users upgrade to a paid account from the free install offered through ads.

But how do you really know what’s working to drive those high-qualitiy users?  What kinds of partners do you need to succeed?What an efficient CPI is? And what channels are going to perform others to get the results you need?

To find that out, VB’s recent report on mobile user acquisition surveyed 731 mobile developers with over a billion users among them. It also studied data summarizing the results of almost 14 billion mobile ads, and reported on discussions with leading user acquisition experts.

On October 21st, VB’s VP of Research Jon Koetsier will be sharing the findings of the report, and sharing how the top publishers are killing it in mobile user acquisition: what they’re doing right, and what partners they’re doing it with.

He’ll be joined by Joy, as well as Rob Singer of, who together will divulge the kinds of UA strategies that have made their apps so incredibly successful.

Don’t miss out!

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John Koetsier, VP Research, VentureBeat
Rob Singer, CMO, Ancestry
Robin Joy, VP of Web & Mobile Business, DocuSign