Google today announced that it will begin changing up the default avatar for Google Account holders who have signed up for Google+.

The anonymous-looking blue circle with the slightly darker blue head and body that has sat in the top right corner of Gmail, Google search, Google calendar, and Google Drive (for those who have never customized their avatars) will be replaced by a colored circle and, most likely, a first or last initial.

The new look for the default avatar for Google Accounts.

Above: The new look for the default avatar for Google Accounts.

“In some cases where initials are not available, a color alone will be used,” Google said in a blog post on the news, adding that the change will start rolling out this week.

This is yet another vestige of Google+ that is being rinsed away as the company evolves. Other Google+ relics that have been removed in recent months include Google+ account links in Gmail and search results and the requirement to have a Google+ account when using Google services.

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What do you think of your new default avatar?