If you’re Nintendo, you can always count on Mario.

The Japanese game company revealed today that Super Mario Maker has already sold 1 million copies worldwide. The level-designing title came out for the Wii U on September 11, so Super Mario Maker accomplished the feat in less than a month. That’s impressive, especially when you consider the Wii U’s smaller player base when compared to competitor’s PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Of course, it helps that Super Mario Maker is a fantastic game.

This is the Wii U’s second big hit this year, with the online shooter Splatoon also passing 1 million sales. Both games represent turns from Nintendo norm in that they depend on online features. Splatoon focuses on online multiplayer, and Super Mario Maker allows players to upload and download levels to and from servers. With the success of these projects, Nintendo’s mysterious next system, the NX, might finally have beefier online support.

It’s a good thing Super Mario Maker is a hit, because the rest of the Wii U’s holiday lineup is sparse. Nintendo recently delayed Star Fox Zero from this November to the first quarter of 2016.