Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 is a troubled game, not least because of a multitude of bugs and glitches.

Now, publisher Activision says it’s working to fix some of these issues, and it’s giving players two new stages and five new characters as an apology for the troubles. Given that the PlayStation 4 version of the skating simulator is currently sitting on a shockingly low score of 27 on Metacritic (and a user score of just 1.8), Activision and developer Robomodo are going to need to work some serious magic in order to salvage the franchise’s battered reputation.

“We are aware of the issues that players have experienced following the launch of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5,” said Activision in a statement sent to Eurogamer, “and are working with the developer to address these so that we can continue to improve the gameplay experience for all of the Tony Hawk fans who have known and loved this franchise for more than 16 years.”

Wall attack

Batman: Arkham Knight’s PC version was another recent high-profile release that suffered from major technical issues, and publisher Warner Bros. has pulled it from sale while it works on a fix. It’ll be interesting to see if Activision has to take similar measures, given Pro Skater 5’s critical mauling.

Metacritic user InvasiveWaiter scored the game 0 out of 10, saying, “This game is nothing but digital waste. How any company would dare to ask $60 for a game with minimal content and a multitude of technical bugs, I cannot fathom.”