Shakira is going to be part of Rovio’s Angry Birds family. That’s not so easy to do, as her hips don’t lie, and the Angry Birds cartoon characters don’t actually have hips.

In any case, Rovio just shared a new video on YouTube that hints at the coming partnership with Shakira. In the video, Rovio marketing executive Peter Vesterbacka, also known as the Mighty Eagle, sits at a table with some company people who are brainstorming game ideas. One comes up with “Angry Cows,” and he is unceremoniously ordered out of the room.

Celebrity promotions in video games are nothing new, but they’re becoming increasingly popular with the success of Glu’s Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

At the close of the video, Shakira walks in the door and asks about how she got a message from the Mighty Eagle. Shakira tweeted the link to the video. Clearly, Rovio is hoping that she’ll bring some luster to the Angry Birds brand, which has had a good run but no longer dominates mobile as it once did.

Vesterbacka promises there’s more coming next week, as it’s already been announced that Shakira will appear in both Angry Birds Friends and Angry Birds 2.

Angry Birds has been downloaded more than 3 billion times to date.