The product of Apple’s collaboration with the fashion brand Hermes, the Apple Watch Hermes went on sale today at a starting price of $1,100.

The leather bands of the Hermes Watches come in three main styles — the $1,100 Single Tour, the $1,250 Double Tour, and the $1,500 Cuff.

I love the marketing language used to get people to part with $1,100 for a smartwatch:

Uncompromising craftsmanship. Pioneering innovation. Groundbreaking functionality. Apple Watch Hermès is the culmination of a partnership based on parallel thinking, singular vision and mutual regard. It is a unique timepiece designed with both utility and beauty in mind. With leather straps handmade by Hermès artisans in France and an Hermès watch face reinterpreted by Apple designers in California, Apple Watch Hermès is a product of elegant, artful simplicity — the ultimate tool for modern life.

I can almost hear Jony Ive reverently intoning those words.

The Apple Watch Hermes "Double Tour" style.

Above: The Apple Watch Hermes “Double Tour” style.

Oh, and the leather colors aren’t just Black, Brown, Coffee, Blue, and Leather — they’re Noir, Étain, Capucine, Bleu Jean, and Fauve.

The Apple Watch Hermes "Cuff" style.

Above: The Apple Watch Hermes “Cuff” style.

The Single Tour is a single band of leather around the wrist, while the Double Tour band goes around the wrist twice.

The Cuff is a wider, heavier strap “inspired by equestrian fixtures.”

The Double Tour comes in the smaller 38mm Watch size only, while the Cuff comes in the larger 42mm size.

The new Hermes Watch was originally announced at Apple’s fall event September 9.

The new watches are available at Apple and Hermes stores in fashion centers like Berlin, Paris, and Zurich. See the list of stores here.