Today Microsoft unveiled its second go at a fitness wearable: the Microsoft Band 2. The smart bracelet launches October 30 and will retail for $249.

The Band 2 features a curved display, additional sensors, and is expected to be available in more countries on launch day than its predecessor. The redesigned display is now apparently more touch-sensitive, and features built-in GPS, UV monitoring, sleep tracking, and calorie tracking, as well as notifications for calls, texts, and email updates. It also now comes with a barometer.

In March, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella explained the company’s wearables philosophy: “Devices will come and go. The most interesting thing is the data being collected.” This claim, if it’s still relevant, places additional pressure on Microsoft Health, the Band’s companion software.

Microsoft first debuted its health-focused ‘Band’ last October. When we reviewed the device last year, we were kind — our own Mark Sullivan said it has “some flaws but offers a lot for the price.”

Microsoft Band

Above: Microsoft’s original Band

The original Band retailed last year for $199 and quickly sold out; we’re still not sure if that’s due to Microsoft’s overwhelmingly undersized supply, or customers’ outsized demand for the device (I’ll assume the former).