Google has acquired a new 26-letter domain name, but this one shouldn’t be too tough to remember. Yes, the Internet giant has bought, according to Whois records.

If this seems like a random registration, it’s not — as of October 2, Google is officially a subsidiary of Alphabet. It’s not clear what it plans to do with the domain, but at the very least it will likely redirect to Alphabet’s website at ABC.XYZ. For now, the domain leads nowhere.

Google Alphabet

Above: Google Alphabet

The domain has been registered since 1999, so it’s likely Google had to cough up at least some cash to procure it, though it’s unlikely the figure will ever be published.

This news comes just two days after Google Domains, the company’s service for buying domain names, added 90 new top-level domains to its repertoire. And last week, news emerged that Google’s more famous domain name — — had temporarily fallen into someone else’s hands for a mere $12, though the transaction was swiftly cancelled.

Google has north of 18,000 domains registered in total.