Esports will generate $1.8 billion by 2020, according to a recent report, so it’s perhaps no wonder that mainstream media outlets want to get on board.

The U.K.’s BBC is the latest big media network to sign up for esports coverage, following ESPN’s occasional dip into the world of professional gaming (which is likely to increase with its hiring of a dedicated esports editor).

The League of Legends World Championship quarter finals take place at London’s Wembley Arena from October 15-19, and the BBC will livestream all four days across its BBC Three and BBC Sport online networks. It’s the platform previously used for live sporting events like Wimbledon. Live video, prerecorded video, text, audio, and social commentary will all sit side-by-side.

Damian Kavanagh, the controller of BBC Three, said that he jumped at the chance to bring the event to a wider audience, adding, “I think this is an exciting way to cover something millions of young Brits love, in a BBC Three way.”

Over 27 million people play League of Legend every day, and fans worldwide watched 70 million hours of last year’s World Championship.