Friday’s Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide expansion is just a day away from launch. Starting at $29.99, it’s not quite as expensive as the Beyond Earth base game of $49.99. Steam has a pre-order discount to $26.99 running through Thursday, but that 10% discount is matched by virtually all other retailers, some of whom have Steam beat by a wide margin with discounts of up to 32% off for the newest Civ:BE DLC.

Available deal as of writing:

The best discounts you’ll find are at GMG and Funstock Digital. These two retailers combine the 10% instant discount with stacking coupon codes. The best outright deal is FunStock Digital’s 25% off pre-order coupon code that runs through Thursday, October 8th. GMG’s 23% off coupon is set to run through the early morning hours of Friday, October 9th and will go slightly longer. DLGamer’s discount to $23.99 is instant and doesn’t require you to enter any coupons at checkout.

Dell Home doesn’t have a price break but is still worth noting. They’ll sell you a physical box copy of the game and give you a $15 eGift card, effectively making the game only a $15 purchase. That said, Dell isn’t hiding the fact they won’t ship the boxed copies until October 27th – about 2 weeks after the expansion’s release.

Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide expansion is out on Friday, October 9th. As it’s an expansion to Civilization: Beyond Earth, you’ll need to own a copy of the base game in order to play. While pre-ordering PC games has acquired a bad rep since the disaster that was Aliens: Colonial Marines back in 2013, if you’re going to buy on Day 1 anyway for full price, here’s a chance to save up to $10.