SAN FRANCISCO — Every artist has that one project that they dream about being a part of. In a lot of cases, it can be associated to something that influenced them to pursue a creative career. For many at Wargaming, that project is a new Master of Orion.

On the main stage of GamesBeat 2015 today, Jay Cohen of Wargaming discussed the company’s direction with its successful free-to-play products. In the middle of the talk, he mentioned the Master of Orion project that is currently sitting in the developer’s pipeline.

“The other title, which is a bit of a departure … a passion project, is Master of Orion. People forgot that a few years ago, [CEO] Victor Kislyi bought up a couple of IPs at auction,” Cohen said.

During the talk, he emphasized how important this title is to Kisyli and the company. “He was, as a young boy, a huge Master of Orion player. That was the game for him that sold him on video games.

“He never could’ve imagined he’d, one day, be in a position to not just be able to buy the property but also develop a game around it. So, for him, personally … and as a company … this is a way to put out the game that is the inspiration for Wargaming. It’s all about strategy games, and [Master of Orion] is a way to reveal to everyone the core DNA of the company.”

Nothing brings out the best in creative people like working on something they are truly passionate about. I can’t wait to see more from Wargaming on this new Master of Orion.