Ubisoft’s Canadian footprint continues to grow.

The French publisher revealed today that it has acquired Rocksmith 2014 co-developer Longtail Stuidios. The game maker will now operate as Ubiosft Halifax and will work in partnership with the publisher’s worldwide network of studios. While Ubisoft is well known for using multiple teams around the globe to help build single, gigantic triple-A games, it isn’t necessarily bringing in Longtail to work on the new Assassin’s Creed. Instead, this latest acquisition is about expanding Ubisoft’s exposure to the mobile game market.

In a canned statement, Ubisoft mobile business executive director Jean-Michel Detoc said that Ubisoft is looking to further develop its mobile expertise while expanding its “network of mobile studios.”

“The team [at Ubisoft Halifax] of more than 30 talented people in Halifax brings with it a wealth of experience as well as a clear understanding of Ubisoft’s culture and processes,” said Detoc. “We believe Ubisoft Halifax has the potential to become a triple-A mobile studio in this fast-moving and demanding segment.”

The publisher noted that its newest studio is already working on several mobile games, thought it isn’t ready to announce these yet. The developer is also hiring developers to join its ranks.

Ubisoft Halifax joins Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto as the latest Canadian team for the publisher, and it brings its global studio total to 13.