Disclosure: The organizers of Casual Connect Tel Aviv paid my way to Israel. Our coverage remains objective. 

TEL AVIV — Mobile game players convert to paying players about 1.9 times faster than web players in social casino games, according to data from mobile marketing company Optimove.

Pini Yakuel, chief executive of Optimove, disclosed the data during a talk at the Casual Connect Tel Aviv event in Israel. He also said that mobile game players make a second payment in a social casino game 1.5 times faster than web players. The data confirm that monetizing social casino games — which is expected to generate $3.4 billion in revenue in 2015 according to analyst firm Eilers Research — is much easier on mobile devices.

On top of that, mobile social casino gamers play 1.6 times more days in a month than web players, and they initiate 1.4 times more game sessions. Most players have a clear-cut preference when it comes to choosing platforms, as only 4 percent of people play on both mobile and the web, Optimove found.

Those 4 percent multiplatform players are particularly valuable, as they convert to paying players 3.9 times more often than single-platform players. They are 20 percent more likely to make a second payment, and have a 10 percent higher average payment amount. They also return to the game 2.3 times more than others.

Mobile beats web in social casino games.

Above: Mobile beats web in social casino games.

Image Credit: Optimove

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