The Apple Watch campaign offensive continues today with seven new video ads, published through YouTube.

Similar to the six Apple launched a few weeks back, the new advertisements are each 16 seconds in length, and they each focus on one key theme: “Move,” “Skate,” “Travel,” “Play,” “Style,” “Kiss,” and “Dance.” Each ad seeks to sell one key feature of the Apple Watch, and, in usual Apple style, each is set against a cool soundtrack.

In “Move,” you can see the Apple Watch as an activity tracker:

“Skate” tries to show that paying for goods through your Watch is a cinch:

“Travel” follows a woman traversing through an imaginary airport, checking flight-times on her Apple timepiece:

Similar to “Skate,” “Play” attempts to show how easy it is to use the Watch while doing an activity — in this case, playing piano. The guy in the video is tickling the ivories while also increasing his bid for a new piano on eBay:

“Style,” as its name suggests, is all about showing the Apple Watch as a, well, watch. A woman amidst a pile of clothes changes her outfits while the color of the timepiece’s bands changes accordingly:

In this ad, Apple demonstrates that while the Watch might seem intrusive, it can easily be ignored. A girl receives an Uber alert on her wrist, but dismisses it to enjoy an intimate moment. Of course, this spot also illustrates the convenience of the Watch to manage tasks like calling (or cancelling) a ride:

“Dance” is the only vid to feature speech, introducing Siri on the Apple Watch. A dude asks Siri to play some 80s music. Which it does:

Perhaps what’s most obvious with these ads — as with previous ones — is that Apple is targeting a very specific demographic. Young, hip, and — seemingly — female. Four of the videos feature only women, and one features a couple — but even then, it’s the woman who’s wearing the watch. In the six videos Apple launched earlier this month, five were female-only.

While “tech” and “gadgets” have historically been marketed to the male fraternity, Apple is continuing to push its appeal to a broader audience.

Apple has yet to publish sales figures for the Apple Watch, and likely never will. In an interview earlier this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook did say: “We shipped a lot the first quarter, then last quarter we shipped even more. And I can predict this quarter we will ship even more.”

Whether Apple’s ad campaigns will push these sales off the chart or not remains to be seen.