Garage-based virtual reality development is exploding, with 234 companies gaining as much as $13 billion combined in funding, and it looks like tinkerers of this exciting new medium have another headset to work with.

Razer announced today that version 1.3 of its Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) Hacker Development Kit is available for preorder ($300 plus shipping). The kit includes a virtual reality headset that is USB 3.0 compatible featuring a 5.5-inch OLED HD screen, dual lens optics, an accelerometer, a compass sensor, and a gyroscope.

Razer is pushing this product as a professional development kit, but members of the enthusiast consumer market can also get their hands on a unit. Although customers must agree to understanding that the kit is primarily being sold for development purposes, with a 30-day warranty, before adding the product to their shopping cart.