Next week will be a good one for Japanese role-playing game fans.

Publisher Xseed Games announced today that The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC will come out for PC and PlayStation Portable (don’t panic, you can still download and play that version on your Vita) on October 29. Trails in the Sky SC is a sequel to a popular RPG that originally hit the U.S. on the PSP in 2011. A Steam version came out in 2014, which helped to expose the title to wider audience. JRPGs have had something of a revival on Steam, thanks to retro releases — like Grandia II and Final Fantasy VII — and modern titles — like Tales of Zestiria and Final Fantasy Type-0 — showing up in the digital store.

Trails in the Sky SC actually came out in Japan way back in 2006. The Legend of Heroes of series has had sporadic releases outside of Japan. However, the original Trails in the Sky was a surprise hit in the U.S., so much so that Xseed eventually decided to localize the sequel.

This is actually the second in a trilogy (The SC stands for Second Chapter) within the Legend of Heroes franchise. The third and final part of Trails in the Sky came out in Japan in 2007. Hopefully, that installment will make it over here as well.