It looks like investors are kicking off the holidays by laying down some interesting bets in the mobile gaming arena.

Today, Koukoi Games received a million dollar seed round, which the developer claims is more of an angel round, from a group of 25 investors. Frontier Singapore partners Mikko Silventola and Jari Talvinen spearhead this funding. Koukoi Games is hoping the deal will lead to a strong representation in Asia, starting in Singapore.

The money should strengthen Koukoi Games’ current project, Crashing Season. It seems to be an isometric free-runner, where animals are trying to avoid hunters. It’s also the studio’s first project. Koukoi Games said its team consists of experience developers, including some people from Angry Birds development house Rovio Entertainment. I’m also noticing a trend of Asian funding for newly formed studios that, while having experience game makers, may have no portfolio of work.

These investors must see something extraordinary in these projects (or maybe the possibility of Angry Birds striking twice is worth the initial investment?). We’ll have to wait until Koukoi Games releases Crashing Season early next year to see what hooked investors.