Sony said today that it is creating a partnership that will result in more student-made games for the PlayStation 4 game console.

The PlayStation First program will encourage students to make video games using development kits that Sony, game studio Nnooo!, and Australia’s Academy of Interactive Entertainment will provide. The idea is to get the next wave of indie game developers hooked on the PS4, and it shows that Sony is willing to reach far and wide to find the next generation of hit makers for its platforms.

Nnooo! will work to identify and fast-track talented student teams for publishing their games under the PlayStation First program. Sony, the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, and Nnooo! will present the first games from eight student creators at the upcoming Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) fan convention in Melbourne, Australia.

The games currently in development include Rumble Academy, Retrovision, Desperate Mile, and Necroman.

The developers will get access to training and tools so they can develop commercial games. The games will be published under the Nnooo! name on the PlayStation Network.