Today the New York Mets will face the Kansas City Royals in the first game of the 2015 World Series of Major League Baseball. Microsoft’s Bing search engine now has a prediction for the outcome of the series. And I hate it.

“bing predicts Kansas City wins series in 6 games,” Bing says when you search for something like “mets royals.”

(Update on November 3: Kansas City did beat New York in the World Series, although it happened in five games, not six.)

If you’re a Mets fan like me, you do not like that one bit.

But. But! There is a bright side. And that is that Bing’s prediction engine, which relies on search and social media data, has been wrong before. Specifically, it was wrong about the Mets’ chances in the postseason this year. It predicted that the Los Angeles Dodgers would sweep the Mets 4-0. And what happened? The Mets won the National League Division Series 3-2.

Bing Predicts made mistakes about the outcomes of certain World Cup games last year. Bing Predicts was also wrong about who would win a few U.S. midterm elections last year.

I hope you’re wrong again, Bing. I hope you’re wrong.