Game developer David Cage announced that Quantic Dream is making a new PlayStation 4 title about androids dubbed Detroit: Become Human.

He made the announcement at the Sony press briefing at the Paris Game Week event today. The title should stir a lot of excitement, as Quantic Dream’s 3D graphics always push the edge of realism in its attempts to tell meaningful stories.

In the trailer, a synthetic human narrates the story. She talks about how Detroit was where it all began, and we see the creation of the human. It’s a lot like the television series Humans, where people can purchase artificial people as servants. As these beings become sentient, though, things tend to go wrong. That appears to be the storyline of Detroit: Become Human.

Quantic Dream and Cage are known for attempting to tell ambitious stories, but as we saw with Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls in the PlayStation 3 era, their end product doesn’t always meet their ambitions.