Evernote has updated its iOS app so you can sketch right within a note using your finger or a stylus (Evernote prefers either its Jot Script or the Apple Pencil). The weight of the line can be adjusted through the use of 3D Touch.

It’s worth noting that Android users have had this capability since 2014 and that it also competes against similar services, like Google Keep, which just added a drawing feature, and even FiftyThree’s Paper app.

All of your sketches, like your notes, will be synced across all devices, where they’ll remain editable. Evernote touts the sophistication of its handwriting recognition technology, which it says can discern your scribbles, making it easier to search and find text in them.


To begin, open your note and look for a pen icon. After you’ve tapped the icon, the screen will transform into a canvas, just like designers would use when sketching out a drawing. You can select a pen, highlighter, eraser, and a selection tool. Each one has its own line thickness options, and you can choose from one of ten colors. The completed canvas can be saved and will be automatically resized for the note.

The latest Evernote update also includes support for split screens on the iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, and iPad Mini 4.