Here’s a list of today’s tech funding stories, updated as the day unfolds. Tip us here if you have a deal to share. is raising at least $500M for its funding round

Ecommerce company is raising new capital, and the expected fund can go as high as $500 million, Fortune reported today. Fidelity, based on reports, is leading the round with a $100 million investment.

The Amazon competitor has pre-money valuation of $1 billion.

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Intel Capital pumps $22M into 11 companies as part of $500 million 2015 investment plan

Intel Capital is announcing today that it has invested $22 million in 11 startups, and the world’s biggest chip maker is on track to invest more than $500 million in technology companies this year.

Intel invests to advance its own strategic interests, but it pours so much money into the tech ecosystem on a global basis that it has a huge impact on the overall tech economy.

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Intel backs $8M project to open Body Labs’ body scan database to developers

What if a fitness app could show you the way your body changes week to week using a 3D body scan? That’s the sort of mobile app that Body Labs CEO Bill O’Farrell is hoping to inspire, with an API that gives developers access to a growing arsenal of body scans.

To build out that API, his company just picked up $8 million in investor funding in a round led by Intel Capital.

The company has raised a total of $10 million to date. In addition to Intel Capital, investors include FirstMark Capital, Max-Planck-Innovation GmbH, Osage University Partners, and Catalus Capital.

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The New York Times invests in The History Project, a multimedia time capsule

It’s a strange yet compelling project. Though time capsules aren’t a new concept, The History Project feels like the next generation of social media: a place where people can chronicle their experiences from childhood to retirement without ever jotting down a word. It’s also the stuff of dreams for media outlets trying to expand beyond written articles.

No surprise, then, that the New York Times was the lead investor in The History Project’s first round of funding. Since joining Matter’s incubator, the company has raised $2.1 million in combined angel and investor funding. Funding may only be the beginning of The History Project’s relationship with the Times, however. Eventually, the two might collaborate, bringing archival Times news clips to The History Project’s timelines.

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