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Marketers are facing an uphill battle in trying to win over today’s digital savvy consumers. Consumers are sick and tired of all the marketing junk that gets flung towards their emails every minute. They’re unsubscribing, turning off notifications, and installing ad blockers of all varieties to escape the predictable commercialism flooding the net.

They don’t want to be treated like a number; they want to be treated like a human being — 1:1 engagement that makes them feel like they’re being helped by a next-door neighbor, instead of being talked down to by a faceless salesman. To truly win over modern consumers, marketers need to respond with the best and relevant content for the viewer.

It’s all in the numbers. In a VentureBeat Insight report, Web Personalization, 87 percent of companies have seen a lift of at least 5 percent in the most important metrics (bounce rates, time-on-site, pageviews, conversations…), thanks to making their website more relevant to their users. Meanwhile, 39 percent of companies have seen an increase of 20 percent in the most important metrics.

Unfortunately, not every marketer is aware of how to cater to such personal needs whether it’s on their website, in email, or in mobile apps and messaging. According to another VentureBeat Insight report, Identity and Marketing, there are two big challenges that are preventing marketers — 506 surveyed — from directly engaging with their audiences. Data collection — picking up digital breadcrumbs from each customer interaction — was seen as too complex by 80 percent of companies who only know how to track basic demographics and purchase history. Data unification — tying together customer details from various databases — was considered challenging for 96 percent of marketers, who had no clue on how to build a comprehensive single view of customers. The lack of knowledge in these essential tools are preventing businesses from growing their user base.

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Sometimes, it’s not even the big missteps that can keep businesses from acquiring new users. Little things like misspellings and errors presented in personalized messages can actually drive your audience away and into the arms of your competitors — 16 percent, to be exact, while 13 percent of users would just cancel the transaction altogether.

In this upcoming webinar, you’ll learn how to avoid these common mistakes that could lose you customers, while educating yourself on the tools used to deliver personalized experiences for winning new users. The webinar will be presented by VentureBeat’s best of the best: analyst Andrew Jones and director of marketing technology Stewart Rogers, along with their guest, the COO of Yummly, Brian Witlin. For any marketer currently struggling to captivate the consumer of today, this is the webinar for you.

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  • Learn how to collect the right customer identity data
  • Benchmark according to what your peers are doing today
  • Discover objectives most commonly associated with personalization
  • Take away best practices for engaging customers across channels
  • Find out where in the funnel personalization can help most


Andrew Jones, analyst, VB Insight, VentureBeat

Cate Twohill, Senior Director and managing partner of CRM services, WGBH Boston

Brian Witlin, COO, Yummly


Wendy Schuchart, analyst, VentureBeat

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