Google today announced the arrival of trash cans in the web version of Google Calendar.

If you have edit rights for a given calendar in the web app, you will be able to click on its dropdown menu and access its Trash folder. From there, you can restore deleted calendar events or delete them forever.

To get people used to this new part of Google Calendar — which came to Google Drive and Gmail years ago — Google will send you an email reminder right after you delete a calendar item for the first time. You’ll see something like this:

An email from Google Calendar about a deleted calendar event.

Above: An email from Google Calendar about a deleted calendar event.

Image Credit: Jordan Novet/VentureBeat

And if you’re the person in charge of Google Apps deployments for employees at a company, you’ll be able to see what people are doing in these new trash bins.

“Admins can track events restored or removed from Trash within their domain using Calendar Audit logs in the Admin console,” Google wrote in a blog post announcing the news today.

Oddly, if you restore an event from the trash, other people who were invited will have to RSVP a second time, according to a Google support page on the new feature.

But for the most part this looks like a helpful addition to an app that a whole lot of people seem to live in.

Google recently switched the URL for Google Calendar, moving it from to the simpler and more secure