Google today announced that the iOS version of the Google Keep note-taking app now allows users to export notes to Google Docs. It’s a nice addition that became available on the Web in March and on Android in August.

To use the new feature, make a note, then tap the three vertical dots near the top right corner of the screen, then tap “Copy to Google Docs.” Once Keep is done with this, it will display a message at the bottom: “Your note has been copied to Google Docs.” An “Open” link will bring you to the document, which you can edit.

In addition to the new Docs support, Google has also given Keep for iOS the ability to save content while you’re browsing, as well as a new place in the Today view in the Notification Center.

Google Keep is still relatively new for iOS — it launched in September. Google first debuted Keep in 2013.

Other note-taking apps include Evernote and Microsoft’s OneNote.

The Google Keep update is live on iTunes.