It looks like Star Wars: Battlefront is going to nail the look and feel of flying through the forest moon of Endor at high speeds on a floating bike.

Developer DICE and publisher Electronic Arts shared the first bit of speederbike gameplay from the Endor level of the upcoming shooter, and it looks as fast and death-defying as the original scene from Return of the Jedi. DICE is obviously putting a lot of effort into capturing the adventurous, thrilling essence of the most memorable battles from the Star Wars universe, and this is just more proof that it is succeeding.

Check it out:

The above clip comes from a new website EA and DICE published this morning that explores the planets of Star Wars: Battlefront. The media-heavy interactive experience details the game modes, characters, and landmarks that players will find when they boot up Battlefront on November 17.

This promotion covers Endor, Hoth, Sullust, and Tattooine, but those are clearly not the extent of the worlds gamers will travel to. We already know that Battlefront will also include the planet of Jakku, another desert planet that we’ll get to see a lot more of when Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters December 18.

In addition to showing off elements of Battlefront, the Planets website also contains incredible behind-the-scenes footage of the DICE team traveling to the shooting locations of the Star Wars films to accurately re-create them in a video game. The team traveled to Finse, Norway to take reference photos for the Hoth level and Muir Wood, California to do the same for the giant trees of Endor.

From what we’ve seen of Star Wars: Battlefront at the Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show earlier this year and from the beta test last month, it definitely seems like DICE is delivering one of the most authentic games ever. And I can’t wait to ride my speederbike around a bunch of dumb stormtroopers.