ANAHEIM, CALIF. — Heroes of the Storm players will get a bevy of new content in the popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game.

During the annual BlizzCon fan convention, developer Blizzard announced a new mode called Arena today. Normally, players get to pick which characters they play as, but in Arena, the selection process will be randomized. That means both competing teams could end up with the same characters. You get one hero and one of their abilities before jumping into a match. Blizzard described these battles as a “small, dangerous, single-objective battleground.”

Heroes of the Storm is also getting new characters. Blizzard showed off Lunara the Dryad, Greymayne (a Worgen leader from World of Warcraft), and the orc sorcerer Cho’Gall. It actually takes two players to control the two-headed Cho’Gall. Surprisingly, players won’t be able to buy him in the store.

Attendees at BlizzCon, those watching live at home with the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket, and a “few lucky” Heroes of the Storm players will get Cho’Gall for free. For everyone else, you have to play on a team with someone who already has Cho’Gall. If you play two games with them, you’ll get Cho’Gall for free, too. Players who help spread the Cho’Gall “virus” by playing four games with him will get in-game gold as well as a sign of Blizzard’s thanks.

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