ANAHEIM, Calif. — Looks like you’ll have to save up some money for Blizzard’s new shooter.

Up until now, many speculated that Overwatch will go the free-to-play route, given Blizzard’s success with Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. But at the ninth BlizzCon fan convention, the developer announced that players will have to buy the game. Those who purchase the regular version of Overwatch for $40 will get all the base content, including all the maps and all 21 characters. It’s coming out next spring.

Overwatch will also have a more expensive “origins edition” (for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC) for $60 that’ll feature five bonus skins for some of the characters that reveal a bit of their backstory. It’ll have Overwatch-related items for Blizzard’s other games, including portraits for StarCraft II and the Tracer character for the Heroes of the Storm multiplayer strategy game. Additionally, the developer will release a collector’s edition that has all of the above plus a character statue, an art book, and the game’s soundtrack.

Blizzard also showed off the last three characters rounding out the roster, including D.VA (who can summon a mech suit to battle), Mel (she can create huge ice towers and freeze her enemies), and Genji, a ninja who’s actually the brother of Hanzo, another Overwatch hero.

Blizzard is running a closed beta of Overwatch on PC.

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