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For every startup that makes it, there are thousands that don’t. The accepted industry stat of 90 percent failure rate sees a lot of dreams shattered. If your business looks like a bad bet, no self-respecting investor is going to take a gamble on you and your so-called innovative product.

But don’t take rejection as a sign that the tech industry is unwilling to give startup companies a chance — the reality is actually quite the opposite. In Q3 of 2015 there were over $3.8 billion of fundings, acquisitions, and IPOs for marketing tech. Astonishing results for an industry already on fire. But if there’s plenty of money available for investing, why is my startup not seeing any of the green?

The answer, like it or not, is because you’re doing a poor job selling your business. Investors are picky; they need to be.  Millions of their hard earn money are on the line and they need to know it’s going to be spent wisely. So, if you come to an investor with a guaranteed money-making idea, but forget to bring any proof of financial gain, he or she is going to show you the door. Any signs of inexperience or lack of teamwork with your staff will also cast doubts on your management style. And don’t even bother putting on that tie to impress if you fail to present any marketing strategy to earn revenue for the years ahead.

These are merely some of the mistakes up-and-coming entrepreneurs make when seeking funds from investors. Little errors like these are all it takes from preventing that million-dollar making idea you had from becoming a reality. Sometimes, it’s not just bad presentation that kills an investment deal. Perhaps you’re being too eager. You may need more time to see the potential value in your product, or to find the right business partner to elevate its success. But it’s not always easy to know when the time is right to break free of bootstrapping and seek outside funds for your business.

Which is why if you attend this webinar, you’ll learn about successful startups that received funds and how they got there. By joining this webinar hosted by the industry’s best, you’ll discover what you and your business need to do to get a slice of that $3.8 billion pie.

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This webinar will answer:

  • Which types of companies are gaining funding, and where in the marketing tech universe they fit.
  • Where we’re seeing the biggest areas of consolidation.
  • Who the most involved / most active VCs are.
  • Implications for investors, vendors, and most importantly marketing technology buyers and users.
  • What you need to do to get noticed by the top VC, straight from the VC themselves


Jon Cifuentes, VB Insight analyst, VentureBeat

Dustin Grosse, CEO, ClearSlide

Blake Patton, managing partner, Tech Square Ventures

Matt Blodgett, managing director, private equity, Vector Capital


Wendy Schuchart, analyst, VentureBeat

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