Dearest Lyft users, you’re in for a surprise this week.

On Thursday at 9 p.m. PT, Lyft will open a temporary music store that sells only one album: Justin Bieber’s new album. You’re welcome.

What do you mean?

When Lyft, Uber, and their fellow tagalongs in the U.S. describe the promise of ride sharing, they do so with wonder and awe. Just imagine rethinking how anything goes from point A to B, including us lowly humans. And yet, could we have imagined this?

On-demand ice cream, puppies, and Christmas trees have reached their logical conclusion: Justin Bieber.

Lyft calls this “an exclusive new way” to get Bieber’s new album before it’s released on Friday. If this is a true exclusive, it sounds like the sort of deal Tidal would kill for.

Hey, at least Lyft isn’t delivering CDs on demand. Right?