Microsoft’s new facial recognition tool is out to judge your facial hair. The machine learning-based project comes just in time for Movember.

The website, called, is designed to guess a person’s beard length. Facial hair is reviewed and rated as either “nostache,” “getting there,” or “ultimate mo.” Here’s how Microsoft describes the project:

We started with a simple question, “What if we could use machine learning technology to detect the length of facial hair?” Many hallway jokes, brainstorming sessions, and mockups later, our early ideas have been realized far beyond our initial expectations. is run by the Microsoft Garage Project — the same group that brought us the meme-worthy website Due to the simpler nature of the task, MyMoustache seems to be able to guess facial hair length far better than HowOld was able to determine a person’s age.

In addition to showcasing Microsoft’s technology, the site is hoping to raise both awareness and money for men’s health issues.