Livestreaming platform Twitch has taken steps to further secure its service. The company announced that it has partnered with Authy to provide two-factor authentication to its user accounts. At the moment, adding this security feature is voluntarily, and users can continue to use their existing credentials to log into Twitch.

If you are interested in using two-factor authentication, the company says to go into their security settings, select “two-factor authentication,” enter your Twitch password and phone number, and then enter the verification code you receive via text message or Authy.


Twitch users will likely breathe a sigh of relief now that this security measure has been deployed. Following repeated attacks on the platform, some have been clamoring for this capability. There have even been instances of players finding themselves on the receiving end of cyber attacks … and worse. A gamer by the name of PhantomL0rd shared in 2013 that hackers attacked his livestream and called the police to his home just for laughs.

What’s more, hackers are definitely interested in the data stored within Twitch’s database. In 2014, an unknown third-party gained access to both the Xbox and PlayStation Twitch channel accounts, leaving offensive comments in place of video titles and descriptions. Then, in March, the company said it had been hacked and some personal account information potentially compromised.

The addition of Authy, which telephony platform Twilio purchased earlier this year, offers some peace of mind to gamers and viewers, especially as there might be potential for additional features to be added to the service in the future. Bottom line, Twitch is an appealing target, so it makes sense to discourage hackers from even trying to gain access by adding a level of security such as this.