Box, a cloud file-syncing and sharing software company, today announced that its app for Windows 10 is now available for anyone to use.

Box first said back in April that it was working with Microsoft to build this new app. Now it is out in the Windows Store.

The new app shows Box files in the Windows file picker, and updated files show up in the Windows 10 notification center, Box cofounder and chief executive Aaron Levie wrote in a blog post on the news.

Microsoft offers its own cloud file-sharing service, OneDrive. And for years, Box dissed Microsoft. But in the world of enterprise software, Microsoft is a trusted brand, while Box is more of a newcomer — it went public less than a year ago. Box has done more and more with Microsoft, most recently allowing users to create and edit Office Online files in Box and edit files in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint and then save to Box.

Box further cemented its enterprise credentials by partnering with IBM. Box had 50,000 customers, as of September.

A Microsoft blog post has more detail on the new app.