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Despite being a relatively new concept, mobile marketing automation has established itself as the one of the most necessary investments in the tech world. Marketers and entrepreneurs know if they want to keep up with the $32 billion-dollar mobile industry, they need to understand how to adapt their business to the ever-changing competitive market. To do that, they need to understand the interests of the fickle mobile audience, in order to create a lifelong and profitable relationship with them. Enter mobile marketing automation.

But consider this: While marketers understand that mobile marketing automation is necessary — and works — only 1.5 percent of companies are now using it. This is one of the startling findings of VentureBeat’s report, Mobile Marketing Automation: How the most successful apps drive massive engagement & monetization, the most complete report on mobile marketing automation available.

Of those early-adopter app publishers, 86 percent reported success in using mobile marketing automation in areas like increased engagement, higher revenue, higher retention, and more.

However, many are unclear on exactly how to use it, and 8 percent saw no benefits, while 6 percent who purchased the tool have yet to use it. More significantly important, 13 percent of app publishers that implemented mobile marketing automation have only seen minimal growth.

There are many reasons why some of these app publishers aren’t seeing the results they want from mobile marketing automation. As previously stated, mobile marketing automation is still a new tool and some of its solutions aren’t fully developed. When 363 mobile app publishers and developers were surveyed by VentureBeat about why mobile marketing automation fails, “Hard to use” was the winner by a large margin.

Other problems fall under the line of choosing the wrong platform and having insufficient human resources.

“Still guzzling their Kool-Aid and waiting for that buzz to kick in,” one app development house said. “We need an insightful, data-grinding, hard working, and youngish person in a consultative role AND who wants to do the development.”

By joining this webinar, you’ll get a more detailed look at how successful app companies are using mobile marketing automation to their advantage. Mobile economist, John Koetsier, will take attendees through the most important takeaways of the report.  You’ll also learn about how these companies are effectively implementing MMA and dealing with the challenges in its usage. Study the success and failures that comes from mobile marketing automation and use that knowledge make your business grow.

In this webinar, you’ll

  • Learn how to increase your effectiveness and your MMA ROI
  • Better target those whales with strategic focused actions via mobile
  • Avoid costly mistakes by buying a luxury solution that looks pretty on the shelf but doesn’t do a lot of good in the trenches.

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Stewart Rogers, Director of marketing technology, VentureBeat

Marissa Tarleton, CMO, RetailMeNot


Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat

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