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Numbers. Numbers. Numbers. If there’s one thing a marketer needs to be good at, it’s staring at a lot of numbers — browsing the latest statistics of his client’s audience; noticing key patterns among the most engaging users; observing any crucial loss during the time period; and strategizing for the best course of action for the future. Undoubtedly, there’s not an aspect more important for marketers to understand than analyzing data.

However, analyzing data is not easy. With so many statistics coming from different sources, the end result is destined to be messy. The move to omnichannel communications often means dealing with different names, reports, and measurements. The effort required to consolidate and make meaningful insights out of it all is often daunting.

No wonder marketers today are feeling overwhelmed — and also making unwitting mistakes. Like unintentionally demonstrating confirmation bias by utilizing only the statistics that support your hypothesis, while ignoring the stats that don’t. Or, focusing on the wrong set of data that’s irrelevant to their company’s interest. And then there’s confusing an action for the result of another, and making bad business decisions based on a coincidence.

The hassle involved with proper data management is why some companies — often startups — make the poor choice of undervaluing the process, resulting in unclear direction for growth. When done right, data management can lead your company to strategies for expanding both your audience and revenue.

By joining this webinar hosted by VentureBeat analyst Jon Cifuentes and Michael Healey, CEO of Yeoman Technologies you’ll learn essentials about data management you’ve likely overlooked. No longer will you have to struggle with finding the right way to visualize your statistics, or figuring out how to take advantage of the data. Discover the best practices of data analysis from the top companies — and join them in their ranks.

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In this webinar, you’ll:

  • Discover the top platforms marketers are using to measure marketing impact from multiple sources
  • Learn best practices for managing your marketing data and making sense of the chaos
  • Get the secrets of marketing intelligence from today’s experts in top companies


Jon Cifuentes, research analyst, VentureBeat

Michael Healey, CEO, Yeoman Technologies

More speakers to be announced


Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat