GitHub today announced that in two weeks, it will be rolling out a redesign for all source code repositories online. You can opt in now by clicking a button.

Behind the scenes, the performance of repo pages will be improved, GitHub director of design Mark Otto
wrote in a blog post on the news. But perhaps more visibly, the right rail is going away for the most part, leaving more room for files, issues, and pull requests.

“The collapsing side menu is now a single, always present navigation at the top of every page within a repository,” Otto wrote. “This improves accessibility, makes navigating more coherent, and allows you to always see the labels for each tab without requiring tooltips.”

Another change is hidden. The new protocol switcher shows “explicit menu items with explanatory text for each cloning method instead of simple text links,” Otto wrote.

For the sake of posterity, here’s how a repo looks today — compare it with the image above.

The repo for Nervana Systems' Neon deep learning framework.

Above: The repo for Nervana Systems’ Neon deep learning framework.

Image Credit: Screenshot

San Francisco, California-based GitHub announced a $250 million round of funding earlier this year. Since then the company has announced protected branches and the Classroom service.