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Advertisers buying ad space inside new apps are seeing good returns, according to Twitter.

Twitter sells programmatic ad space in a network of more than 31,000 mobile apps. Advertisers bid for specific markets at Twitter’s MoPub marketplace, and the ads get targeted at users based on social and demographic data.

In its quarterly programmatic trends report, Twitter found advertisers that bought inventory on any of the 580 new apps that launched in the third quarter had 186 percent higher click-through rates and 46 percent lower cost-per-click than when buying supply from apps launched prior to Q3.

Likewise, publishers who launched new apps in Q3 saw 67 percent higher eCPMs (advertising revenue generated per 1,000 impressions) than apps which launched prior to Q3.

Twitter said it gets 335 billion monthly ad requests on MoPub for ads placed on more than 1 billion devices via more than 175 demand-side platforms.