The mobile advertising platform Leadbolt has made its user acquisition and in-app monetization services available to developers via the Marmalade development platform. Leadbolt is one of the tools included in Marmalade’s Asset Store.

The integration lets game developers use Leadbolt’s video ads and full-screen interstitial ad formats in their apps. The Leadbolt Marmalade SDK for Android and iOS are available now, for free.

Marmalade’s Asset Store offers developers a variety of content and services including 3D models, sound effects, analytics tools, and cloud storage, among other things.

“Marmalade has built a reputation for helping game developers author, deploy, and manage high-performance 2D and 3D games that stand out from the crowd,” said Leadbolt CEO Dale Carr in a statement. “We are proud to join their ecosystem of trusted partners, and believe that our shared goals and commitment to developer success align.”

Sydney, Australia-based Leadbolt said it delivers more than 10 billion ads a month through its platform, to a network of more than 65,000 developers in 165 countries.