Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Greentoe has launched an Android version of its service to help shoppers find what they want at the price they want. Today’s release comes more than a year after the company released an iOS version.

A Y Combinator-backed company, Greentoe offers a “name your own price” marketplace akin to what you’d find on Priceline.com, but for more than just travel and accommodations. Shoppers can find the product they’re looking for and submit the price they want to pay. The app contains a gauge that will tell you the likelihood of your offer being accepted — you can slide a “knob” to determine the optimal price you should bid.

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When asked why an Android release is being made available now, Greentoe chief executive Joe Marrapodi told VentureBeat: “Our users spoke up and demanded an Android app.”

The company is seeing some decent traction with repeat usage from customers. Marrapodi said that 20 percent of Greentoe’s sales come from mobile, although he declined to provide specific numbers. As most businesses are these days, the company is optimistic about its mobile future: “We are more of a utility and mobile tends to be more of a utility,” Marrapodi said.

Greentoe’s secret sauce is perhaps the unspoken word. Both the seller and the buyer use the app and a purchase agreement is reached when the dial that the shopper presses and slides turns green. All of the sellers are certified by Greentoe and provide warranties, so it’s more secure than browsing Craigslist or even eBay. For its matchmaking, Greentoe will take between 5 and 15 percent commission from the final price.

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