Sony had a big keynote presentation at its PlayStation Experience fan event today, and one of the highlights was the reveal that PlayStation VR is getting a new version of the techno-shooter classic Rez.

But the new game, called Rez Infinite, wasn’t the only cool thing on stage. We also got to see Rez creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi in a specialized body suit that vibrates along to Rez Infinite’s thumping rhythms. This outfit, which is shiny and looks like something the guys from Daft Punk would wear, has 26 rumble actuators sewn throughout. These tiny motors are then connected to Rez Infinite and buzz in response to what is happening inside the game. This means you can feel the music.

Unfortunately, you’ll only get to try this suit out if you have an appointment to try Rez Infinite at PlayStation Experience this weekend.

Either way, this is a cool idea — especially for virtual reality. Rez Infinite is already going to make your feel like you are seeing inside that world, and the suit will only increase that sense of immersion.

Check out the demo below:

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