To be honest, I’m only vaguely aware of the band One Direction and their music and their teenage soap opera stories.

But, whatever. I’m old. What matters is that with all the global dramas that unfolded across Twitter in 2015, these lovable lads basically ruled Twitter this year.

According to the #YearOnTwitter released this weekend, One Direction accounted for five of the top 10 retweets on the social media service. Like when One Direction member Zayn Malik broke all of our hearts by deciding to leave the band, and his bandmate tweeted:

And then Zayn, like, totally had his buddies’ back when their new song dropped:

Zayn is the best. Amiright?

In terms of trending stories, unfortunately, #PrayForParis and #JeSuisCharlie were among the most popular hashtags, following the two attacks this year in Paris. Back in the U.S., #BlackLivesMatter went from being a hashtag to a broad social movement.

But, you know, back to the important stuff. By which I mean One Direction. The band was number 1 on the list of most-tweeted music topics. And there’s no Taylor or Miley on that list of top 10! Can you even?

Despite that fact the everyone stopped buying them this year, the iPad was the most-tweeted tech topic, while Twitter itself managed to squeak onto the list at number 10.

Oh, also: We tweeted 4.4 million times about that damn dress at #TheDress.

In any case, well done humans. You had another strong year and worked hard to move the species forward. Feel free to take 2016 off.