GoPro has made it possible to activate your head-mounted camera by tapping on your Apple Watch.

The San Mateo, Calif.-based company, which has pioneered the market for action video cameras, has added features for the Apple Watch in the GoPro app for iOS. It gives quick access to the camera’s controls right from your wrist. This new app lets users preview a shot, toggle between capture modes, start and stop recording, and add highlight tags to the best moments of the videos.

In addition to the Apple Watch integration, the latest version of the GoPro App makes capturing and sharing easier by allowing users to grab high-quality still images from videos and filter media by photo, video, or highlighted moments. They can continue to use the app’s Trim and Share features to produce 5-second, 15-second, and 30-second clips.

In other news, GoPro said last night that it has named its upcoming drone Karma. The drone will be coming in 2016.

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