If you’re sulking about the impending shutdown of music streaming service Rdio, this might cheer you up. There’s a new free tool that will automatically transfer your playlists, your collections, and the artists you follow from Rdio to Spotify — which is not going anywhere, or I hope not, anyway.

The tool, called Rdio2Spotify, comes from Jody Heavener, a developer at the website Designer News.

I’m happy to report that the tool works well for playlists, collections, and artists. I’m now listening to one of my Rdio playlists inside of Spotify. All the songs contained in the playlist are available on Spotify.

It’s not clear when exactly the Rdio service will shut down completely — it will at some point after the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of California approves Pandora’s $75 million acquisition of Rdio — but you can no longer sign up for a new Rdio account. Meanwhile it’s also not clear exactly when Pandora will start offering streaming service that draws from the Rdio technology.

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If nothing else, this tool is a convenient way for exporting your Rdio data to a compatible service with a large library.