Glispa, the global performance marketing firm, is announcing today the launch of its Glispa Audience Platform for targeting the right audience with marketing messages and helping game and app developers generate more revenue.

The new platform has been in the works for a year, and it’s one of the reasons Glispa has been drawing attention from investors. Back in March, ecommerce vendor Market Tech Holdings of London acquired a majority stake in Glispa for $77 million. According to eMarketer, the worldwide mobile ad market will grow to nearly $65 billion in 2015, up over 60 percent from 2014. That figure is expected to reach $158.55 billion by 2018, when mobile ads will account for 22.3 percent of all advertising spending worldwide.

“It’s a very exciting moment for us as, we have been building this for the past year,” said Freddy Friedman, chief product officer at Berlin-based Glispa, in an interview with GamesBeat. “It’s based on the need of our clients for data to acquire new users and re-target existing users. We need unique data sets to drive all that with a data platform that we have built from the ground up. We can use it to drive significant increases for publishers, and advertisers.”

Glispa plans and launches marketing campaigns on mobile devices and the Web, enabling app publishers to reach a more diverse set of users across the world through performance-based ads (those where the publisher gets paid if the user takes an action like installing an app). The new platform is designed to take 100 terabytes of raw data — all anonymized and secure from hacking — and make it actionable. Glispa has an international reach of a billion active users and serves 400 billion ad impressions monthly, the company said.

The Glispa Audience Platform has a dashboard with a more intuitive user interface, Friedman said.

“It’s a visual user interface, which reflects our opinion that users of this platform — media buyers, ad operations people, and sales people — do not need to be data scientists to interact with the platform,” Friedman said. “You can pinpoint specific audiences based on geography, self-discovery, and other unique elements that get the user data closer to the people who need it for effective monetization.”

The platform anonymously profiles users and their inclination to play certain kinds of games, their demographic information, and their purchasing habits. It will be integrated into Glispa’s existing technology — such as its real-time bidding engines, re-targeting platform, native ad monetization, and mediation systems. Publishers can use this data to capture more users and improve their profits and overall ad campaign performance, Friedman said.

“It includes profile information that other players are not addressing, like a user’s affinity for clicking or their engagement levels,” Friedman said.

Customers include big companies such as Alibaba, Amazon, Gilt Group, OLX, Baidu, Hasbro, Zynga and Gumi.

The Glispa Audience Platform helps identify territories where relevant audiences are for publishers and advertisers.

Above: The Glispa Audience Platform helps identify territories where relevant audiences are for publishers and advertisers.

Image Credit: Glispa