Google today announced that its Google Play Books app for iOS and Android is getting updated with a Night Light feature that will filter out blue light onscreen and push in amber light as it gets darker outside. The result should be a better reading experience.

“The color adjustment is more comfortable on your eyes and greatly improves low-light night reading,” Google Play Books senior product manager Greg Hartrell wrote in a blog post.

Google clearly wants to make Google Play a better content hub. In October Google said Play Music would be getting podcasts.

The new experience could make iOS and Android devices better for reading around the clock, an area where Amazon’s Kindle tablets have traditionally done well, thanks to their high-contrast text.

The lighting effect is a bit reminiscent of the app F.lux, but that’s only available on desktop. Apple reportedly pulled the iOS app from the App Store recently. Hartrell interestingly said nothing in his post about Night Light getting rolled out to Google Play Books on desktop.