What do you do when you’re the prettiest girl at the ball and the slob that brought you treats you like crap? You hook up with a nicer date.

And in this analogy, the better date is Sony.

Just hours after Hideo Kojima’s painfully drawn out break up with Konami became official, Kojima launched his own production studio, Kojima Productions, and hooked up with Sony. And according to the PlayStation company, the first project out of Kojima Productions will be a Sony exclusive.

The match everyone knew was likely going to (or was hoping would) happen, was officially announced by Sony’s global CEO, Andrew House, via a YouTube video. On a comfortable-looking white couch, House waxes in perfect Japanese about his pleasure to introduce Kojima, who then solidifies that the two companies are indeed working together. They then seal the deal with an epic handshake, followed by a thank you.

Thank you, indeed.

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